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For both faith based and daytime weekday preschools

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Thursday Administrators Precon’s

Come to this intensive pre conference to get plugged-in with others in the area. Workshop titles will include:

Workshop titles will include:

1. "Inclusion: Strategies for Preschool Settings"Barbara Newman - (2 hour block).
A Pre-school where every child is welcome!  Participants were introduced to key components of having a good inclusion program for children with disabilities or suspected differences as well as some very practical information in the areas of equipment and strategies for children with differences in language, motor, and intellectual development.

We also cover strategies for working with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder and children with Sensory Processing differences. 

In addition to this we look at equipping leaders and peers to best receive these friends as part of the group. Talking to parents about suspected differences is also a part of this training. 

2. Tanya Edwards and Joy McBride - (1 hour with Q&A)

An administrators conversation on play based preschool and kindergarten prep! How to be a developmentally appropriate, play-based preschool and still get kids ready for Kindergarten.

3. Intro and overview with STARS certified Trainer Ron Notbohm.

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10:00am-2:00pm including a noon lunch

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