#NWMC18 Pricing

Yeah we know times change...but who said pricing had to?
Attend #NWMC18 at #NWMC17 prices!

June 1 - Aug 31

2 day Pricing: $79.00
1 day Pricing: $59.00

Jan 1 - Feb 28

2 day Pricing: $109.00
1 day Pricing: $79.00

Sep 1 - Dec 31

2 day Pricing: $99.00
1 day Pricing: $69.00

March 1 - Conference 

2 day Pricing: $129.95
1 day Pricing: $99.00

Student Rate: $40.00

IMPORTANT: Registration fees are NOT REFUNDABLE Registrations may be transferred (given to another person) but a registration may not be shared (one registration for two people). Each person must have his or her own registration. Badges, purchased with a registration, and any additional conference materials will be picked up at the conference site. We can save until next year or gift it to another person on our scholarship list